Jeff @ Audio Philosophy offers the kind of service rarely found these days. When I told him I was looking for a new turntable, he offered to audition candidates in my home. The ability to do critical listening in my own system instead of a showroom was fantastic! Once my new turntable arrived Jeff took the time to do a complete set-up. From unboxing to cartridge set-up through final tweaking in my system Jeff's knowledge was impressive. It's been a pleasure to work with him, and I will do so in the future.

Austin L., New Orleans, LA


Jeff is a true audiophile who manages to make high-end audio understandable and accessible for low-budget, entry-level guys like myself. When my TV and speakers were stolen in 2014, Jeff got me hooked up with a set of KEF Q300 bookshelf speakers that sound better than the 5.1 surround-system and subwoofer they replaced. Whether you're spending $500 or $5,000, Jeff will make sure you're getting the best. 

Jan M., Baton Rouge, LA


Jeff walked me through the purchase of a new headphone amp.  We discussed for a few months the possibilities that would best fit my situation and when I finally pulled the trigger I could not be happier.  Jeff has so much equipment to demo that I felt confident in my purchase after listening to so much great gear.

Mike F., Baton Rouge, LA


Jeff is truly one of the good guys in the audio business. I've purchased several items from Audio Philosophy LLC and the result was unfailingly the same -- competitive pricing, fast shipping, and outstanding after-sale service. Jeff is friendly, prompt to answer questions, and always willing to lend his experience and assistance no matter how big or small the order. Jeff and Audio Philosophy are highly recommended and is my go-to one-stop shopping place for all things high-end audio.

Steve Z., Libby, MT


I cannot overstate the incredible skill and professionalism that Jeff at Audio Philosophy has! Not only does he have great knowledge of audiophile products, he has amazing taste in music. Whenever I want to demo a new piece of gear he always knows what music will sound best. With all this knowledge comes unparalleled customer service. Jeff is very fast at responding to my emails and questions. He devotes time to his clients and makes sure that all their needs are met. I’ve had a great time working with Audio Philosophy on building my system and I’m so grateful to have a company like this in my area. I can’t wait to add more gear to my setup! Thanks, Jeff!

Adam W., Baton Rouge, LA


In my family's experience, Audio Philosophy totally lives up to the company's pledge to deliver on equipment and service. A slight defect in some purchased equipment was immediately remedied. Jeff has volunteered a very large amount of time to answer any questions that I have had. His expertise and experience is quite unlike anything I had previously experienced. Audio Philosophy has made it possible for me to personally experience equipment that is unavailable anywhere in the state and even the region. Hands-on demo of top line headphones is just one example. I had been contemplating traveling to one or more consumer audio show just so I could sample before I purchased, but now Baton Rouge has a local, custom solution.  Jeff set things up where I was able to directly compare my existing turntable to one offered by Audio Philosophy. The result was eye and ear opening. That level of service is unheard of (no pun intended). Jeff knows his equipment, too, unlike other audio dealers with whom I have dealt, even some at well-respected audio dealerships. Audio Philosophy is a resource that is, in my experience, unmatched.

Steve S., Baton Rouge, LA


Jeff was very responsive and answered all my questions very promptly.  He offered knowledgeable suggestions to ensure I understood my choices but was never pushy.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Audio Philosophy to a friend.

John K., Baton Rouge, LA


When buying expensive audio gear, it’s critical that the person you are dealing with is both knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Jeff scores top marks on both counts. Another area where Jeff really gets it is his flexible policy allowing home auditions of gear. If it is possible and reasonable to do a home audition before buying, Jeff will make the arrangements and you will have a reasonable amount of time to hear a new component in your very own home. I prefer not to buy something new without some firsthand experience with it in my own system. Jeff understands how important this firsthand experience is.

Jon M., Seattle, WA


I've dealt with Jeff and Audio Philosophy now in 7 or 8 purchases. It has unfailingly been a pleasure. Jeff has a deep knowledge of audio, but he doesn't impose his views on you. He listens to the client - which is rare - and helps figure out an approach that makes sense in terms of aesthetics and budget. Moreover he's scrupulously honest. I would highly recommend doing business w/ Jeff to anyone who wants to pursue a better listening experience.

Jeff G., NY, NY


Audio Philosophy is an authorized dealer for AMG, Audeze, AURALiC, Aurender, Benz Micro, Clearaudio, The Disc Doctor, Dynaudio, Gig Harbor, Grado Labs, Hana, Hegel Music Systems, High Fidelity Cables, KEF, Light Harmonic/LH Labs, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, Nordost, Octave Audio, PrimaLuna, ProAc, Quadraspire, Quantum Resonant Technology, Rega Research, Shunyata Research, Thales, and Wireworld Cable Technology.
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