Concierge Service (local clients only)

Concierge service has three main components.

  1. A conversation. Over coffee or tea, on the phone, by email – whatever works for you. The point of the conversation is to gauge where you are and where you want to go with your system.
  2. An in-home demonstration. The most important listening environment when you're buying audio equipment is yours. A piece of equipment that sounds great in a showroom might not sound as good in your listening environment. So whenever possible I like to demonstrate prospective equipment purchases in the space where they need to sound their best – yours. This also gives us an opportunity to discuss your entire system in the context of your room, because any equipment you buy has to integrate well into that audio ecosystem.
  3. Set up. Most places where you might purchase audio gear are content to make the sale and be done with it. Not me. I want you to get the best possible performance out of what you purchase from me; that means proper set up. At your discretion, I will set up any equipment you purchase from me. Bottom line: I want your system to sound its best, and I'll work with you to make that happen.

Concierge service is optional; whether you use it or how much of it you use is up to you. Of course, non-local clients have access to (1). I'm happy to talk about system needs and goals with non-local clients and to assist them in meeting those needs and goals. (Please note, however, that in general I will not ship new products into another dealer's territory.)

Cable Burn In Service

Cables of all sorts need to be burned in to sound their best. Nordost built the VIDAR burn-in machine for this purpose. The VIDAR burns in signal cables, including S/PDIF and tonearm cables (but excluding USB cables), and speaker cables. Cables purchased from Audio Philosophy are burned in free of charge. Cables purchased elsewhere may be burned in at a fee of $75 for the first set of cables and $50 for each additional set (up to fi ve sets total).
Audio Philosophy is an authorized dealer for AMG, Audeze, AURALiC, Aurender, Benz Micro, Clearaudio, The Disc Doctor, Dynaudio, Gig Harbor, Grado Labs, Hana, Hegel Music Systems, High Fidelity Cables, KEF, Light Harmonic/LH Labs, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, Nordost, Octave Audio, PrimaLuna, ProAc, Quadraspire, Quantum Resonant Technology, Rega Research, Shunyata Research, Thales, and Wireworld Cable Technology.
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