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Source Components

Source components are where the signal gets started. If your source components aren't doing their job well, it doesn't matter what you have downstream of them. The sound quality of your system will suffer. Audio Philosophy carries both analog and digital sources.

  • For analog sources, we carry turntables and tonearms made by Clearaudio, Rega, and Thales. We also carry phono cartridges made by Clearaudio, Grado Labs, and Rega.
  • For digital sources, we carry disc players and transports made by Hegel, MOON by Simaudio, PrimaLuna, and Rega.
Computer Audio

Computers are increasingly being used as a source of music. Audio Philosophy doesn't carry computers, but we do carry several digital-to-analog converters (DACs) to help you get the best sound out of computer-based music files. We carry DACs made by Audeze, AURALiC, Aurender, Hegel, Light Harmonic/LH Labs, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, and Rega, including DACs which handle high resolution file types up to 32/384 PCM and quad-rate DSD (DSD256). We also carry servers and streamers made by AURALiC, Aurender, and MOON by Simaudio. In addition, getting the best music reproduction from computer-based files requires a purpose built USB cable. That old printer cable won't cut it. We carry premium USB cables designed for music reproduction made by Light Harmonic/LH Labs, Nordost, Shunyata Research, and Wireworld Cable Technology.

Source components output a signal that needs to be amplified before most loudspeakers can use it to produce music. This is one of the primary jobs of electronics: preamplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and phonostages. We carry electronics made by AURALiC, Aurender, Hegel, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, Octave Audio, PrimaLuna, and Rega.
Loudspeakers must take an amplified signal which originates with a source component and make music out of it. What happens to the signal on its way from the source component is crucially important to the quality of the music reproduced by the loudspeakers. You need a good, clean signal to start and it needs to be moved along to the loudspeakers with care. But the loudspeakers must be able to accurately reproduce what they're fed or it's all for nothing. We carry loudspeakers made by KEF, ProAc, and Rega.
By now you're probably getting the impression that when it comes to high quality music reproduction, everything matters. That impression is absolutely correct. Over the past twenty-five years or so, audiophiles the world over have been surprised to learn by listening that this "everything matters" notion extends even to the cables used in a system. Whether it's signal cables connecting source components and electronics or cables connecting loudspeakers to amplification, cables matter. Indeed, it turns out they matter a lot. We carry cables of all sorts made by High Fidelity Cables, Nordost, Shunyata Research, Thales, and Wireworld Cable Technology.

Note: Cables need to burn in to sound their best. This can be done by use, but that can take a while and sometimes get you wondering why you spent all that money. Any signal or speaker cable purchased from Audio Philosophy will be burned in free of charge using Nordost's VIDAR burn-in machine at the client's request. (Cables purchased elsewhere may be burned in on the VIDAR for a fee.)
Audiophiles the world over have been even more surprised to learn in roughly the past fifteen years that the quality of the power feeding a system profoundly affects its performance. Not only does a "garbage in, garbage out" principle apply to source components, it also applies to the electricity powering every component in a system. It sounds crazy...until you hear it. And it's not hard to hear in any reasonably resolving system. We carry power products made by High Fidelity Cables, Quantum Resonant Technology (QRT), Shunyata Research, and Wireworld Cable Technology; we carry power cords made by High Fidelity Cables, Nordost, Shunyata Research, and Wireworld Cable Technology.
Resonance Control
One more thing to file under "who would've thought it made such a big difference" which the audiophile community has learned relatively recently is that resonance control matters. Everything vibrates and left to themselves those vibrations compound, with significant negative consequences for the sound quality of a system. Resonance control works to eliminate vibrations by draining them away from their source and dissipating them. We carry resonance control products from Nordost and Quadraspire.
Headphone Listening
Headphone listening both at home and on the go is more popular than ever these days. Audio Philosophy carries headphones made by Audeze, Grado Labs, and KEF. We also carry headphone amplifiers made by Audeze, AURALiC, Hegel, and MOON by Simaudio. In addition, we carry the superb Nordost and Wireworld headphone cables. For home or office headphone listening, we have you covered. For portable headphone listening, we carry small DAC/headphone amplifiers made by LH Labs.
What about Home Theater?

I enjoy a good movie as much as the next person and I appreciate a great home theater experience. Audio Philosophy, however, is primarily aimed at high performance, two-channel music reproduction. That said, what's true concerning the audio benefits of quality cabling, power products, and resonance control is equally true for home theater systems. Upgrading any or all of your home theater's powers cords, interconnects, speaker cables, and HDMI cables will greatly enhance your viewing and listening experience. Nordost and Wireworld particularly excel in these cable offerings. QRT and Shunyata Research power products are also beneficial to home theater. For a combined two-channel/home theater system, an integrated amplifier or preamplifier with home theater bypass may be just what you need.

Audio Philosophy is an authorized dealer for AMG, Audeze, AURALiC, Aurender, Benz Micro, Clearaudio, The Disc Doctor, Dynaudio, Gig Harbor, Grado Labs, Hana, Hegel Music Systems, High Fidelity Cables, KEF, Light Harmonic/LH Labs, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, Nordost, Octave Audio, PrimaLuna, ProAc, Quadraspire, Quantum Resonant Technology, Rega Research, Shunyata Research, Thales, and Wireworld Cable Technology.
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