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Outlook and approach

Socrates famously said that an unexamined life is not worth living. Reflecting on our lived experiences and their connections to the experiences of others figures importantly in a full and good life. Something similar is true when it comes to music. Music figures importantly in a life that is full and good. One might say that a life without music seems scarcely worth living. If you think that music significantly enriches life, then Audio Philosophy is for you.

Audio Philosophy approaches high-end audio retailing in an intensely service-oriented way which centers on onsite demonstration. Whenever possible clients should hear prospective purchases in their personal listening space since this is where products really need to perform. Enrich your life with music. Contact me to set up a demonstration in your home or office.


Audio Philosophy is owned and operated by Jeff Roland (that's me), who leads a double life as an avid music lover and audiophile and as a professional philosopher. For forty years I've been involved with music as a performer, composer, and serious listener. For more than a decade I've held a university position teaching and researching in philosophy. (You won't have to search too hard to find my university. And now you know where the name 'Audio Philosophy' came from.) That's right folks, when you buy from Audio Philosophy you buy from an actual philosopher!
Audio Philosophy is an authorized dealer for AMG, Audeze, AURALiC, Aurender, Benz Micro, Clearaudio, The Disc Doctor, Dynaudio, Gig Harbor, Grado Labs, Hana, Hegel Music Systems, High Fidelity Cables, KEF, Light Harmonic/LH Labs, MOON by Simaudio, Musical Surroundings, Nordost, Octave Audio, PrimaLuna, ProAc, Quadraspire, Quantum Resonant Technology, Rega Research, Shunyata Research, Thales, and Wireworld Cable Technology.
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